Huguenots began coming to Virginia as early as 1620. In 1700-1701,   five ships arrived at the mouth of the James River, then the York and the Rappahannock rivers, east of present-day Richmond, Virginia. French Huguenots, having fled religious persecution, had lived in England and Ireland and done military services for King William. They were granted lands in the New World for a permanent home where they had the freedom to worship as they pleased. West of Richmond, many founded a colony on the site of a village deserted by the Monacan Indians. This is a society of the descendants of that colony and French Protestants who came to Virginia before 1786(see history of the society). The society headquarters and library are located beside the Manakin Episcopal Church on the original King William Parish glebe land in Manakintown. 

Original Manakin Huguenot Church
Huguenot HQs
Manakin Town Sign
Huguenot Library Hours
Entrance to the Huguenot Library