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About Us

The Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manakin in the Colony of Virginia is a society dedicated to preserving the history and genealogy of all French Protestant Huguenots who came to Virginia prior to 1786.  They were granted lands in the New World where they had the freedom to worship as they pleased.


The Society maintains a headquarters with an excellent research library to help trace Huguenot histories. 

Do you have Huguenot Descendants? Check our out list of Registered Lineages.

The Society awards National and State Scholarships and Awards every year to Students by completing application forms.

Seven Huguenot branches exist with several active chapters with Registrars who are willing to help you with your research and membership application. You are not required to live in one of the existing branch states to be a member.








Original Manakin Huguenot Church
Huguenot HQs
Manakin Town Sign


981 Huguenot Trail

Midlothian, Virginia   23113