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Gift Shop:Huguenot Items


Vestry Book of King William Parish, VA, 1707-1750. 1988. Hardbound book, 280 pages. minimum $15 donation.


Pierre LeGrand in Virginia, 1700. A thorough documented genealogical study of the descendants of Pierre LeGrand by Louis Everett LeGrand, 1995. Hardbound, 360 pages. minimum $25 donation.


Branches from the Flournoy Family Tree. Compiled by Wayne Spiller. Pioneer Book Publishers, 1976. Hardbound. minimum $30 donation.


Louise Moillon: Seventeenth Century Still-Life Artist. Helen Chastain Sowa. Hardbound with Photographs. minimum $30 donation.


Les Guerin: A Story of Religious Persecution. William G. Leech. Paperbound. Historical Fiction. minimum $5 donation.


Huguenots at Williamsburg. minimum $10 donation.

We also have all of the existing issues of The Huguenot. See the on-line index. Prices include shipping.

  • Prices of volumes are

  • #1-30  books =$20.00 

  • #31 was not published

  • #32- 47 books  = $25.00


               Huguenot Cross: in blue and gold cloissoné, pendant or lapel pin for $10 

               donation, necklace with 18" gold filled chain for $20 donation. Cross is one

               square inch, plus dove.

          We have the Huguenot méreau available in pewter, brass or antique brass finish for

          $10 donation, with a top loop for a meaningful necklace or watchfob.

          The méreau (plural méreaux) is a circular token which the Huguenots

          used in France from the 1550's to the mid 19th century. During holy

          communion an elder would give, before the service, a méreau to each

          parishioner who qualified to receive the sacrament. The others, who

          did not attend catechism regularly or had been admonished by the

          consistory, would not receive a méreau. During the service each individual

          would hand his méreau to an elder standing next to the

          communion table before receiving bread and wine.

            On this mé>hows an open

            bible, which is opened at St. Luke chapter 12, verse 32, saying in

            French: "Have no fear little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure

            to give you the kingdom." Above the Bible is a symbolic shining sun and six stars.








                                                              $10.00 Medallion

                          It looks like pewter and has a diameter of about 1-3/4”.


To order, address your check to HSFMCV (we do not presently take Paypal or credit card payments) and mark as a donation, as we are a non-profit organization. Send to:


                                                  The Huguenot Society of Manakin

                                                  981 Huguenot Trail

                                                  Midlothian VA 23113-9224


                             Bronze grave marker with the insignia of the society:

                            These three-to-five inch markers are made of thick solid

                            bronze and come with mounting templates and instructions.

                            Sizes and prices: 3 inch diameter=$138;

                            4 inch diameter=$158; 5 inch diameter=$175.

                           Credit cards are acceptable and

                          you must give your membership number when ordering.

             To order, email Classic Bronze Resources at or go to the website,              

                                                           Allow 3-4 weeks for fulfillment of order.

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