Huguenot History and Book Reviews

R. A. Brock, Documents Chiefly Unpublished, Relating to the
Huguenot Emigration to Virginia and to the Settlement at Manakintown
with an Appendix of Genealogies (1886, 1936)

"Virginia Records to Come Home" [about the Brock Collection]See Brock Miscellaneous Files Search at the Library of Virginia

Selections from French Place Names in Virginia, James W. Gordon,
Jr., 1933.

"An Act for Naturalization" on Claud Phillippe de Richebourg, Francis
Ribot, Peter Faure, John Joanny, James Champagne, and others.


Ship List for the Nassau (1700/1701)

Histoire de Protestants de Monflanquin sous l'Ancien Régime 1518 -
[in French]

Bugg, James L., Jr. "The French Huguenot Frontier Settlement of
Manakin Town.

"The Huguenots in Virginia" from The French Blood in America. Lucien

A Brief History of the Manakin Huguenots, Rev. Wilbur M. Sims

History of the Religious Wars in France before the Edict of Nantes

Huguenots and the Galleys from The Huguenots in France and
Hannah Lee.

The King and the Huguenots. From Will and Ariel Durant, The Age of
Louis XIV.

The Edict of Nantes.

The Journey to Manakin Town, Virginia, in 1700, Ann Woodlief

The Huguenot Exiles, or, The Times of Louis XIV. Historical novel by
Eliza A. DuPuy, 1856, on Lefevre, Chastain families.

Engravings of Huguenot Flights from France

The Huguenot Cross

The Monacan Indians

"Our French Connection" by Ted Klein. Article on French Huguenot
heritages of Melungeons (including Crockett, Mullins, and Ramey--all
Va Huguenots)

Here's to the Ladies, Carol Cason

The Huguenots. Harry Kollatz, Jr. Richmond Magazine, April 2003.

Experiences of the French Huguenots in America - The King's
. Colonel James Tompkins Watson, 1908. Excerpts.


Reviews of Books on Huguenots

A Huguenot Family of the XVI Century. The Memoirs of Philippe deMornay, Sieur du Plessis Marly, Written by His Wife. Translated byLucy Crump. [1926?]


The Huguenots in America: A Refugee People in New World Society.Jon Butler. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA. 1983.


Memory and Identity: The Huguenots in France and the Atlantic Diaspora. Bertrand Van Ruymbeke and Randy Sparks, editors.


Diligence and Disappearance of the Manakintown Huguenots. Alison Wehr Alterich.The Virgin Blue by Tracy Chevalier, 1997.[novel]


Huguenot Heritage: the History and Contribution of the Huguenots in Britain. English Historical Review, Nov, 2002, by John Miller


Huguenot Heritage: The History and Contribution of the Huguenots in Britain by Robin Gwynn. 2nd edition, 2000.


Huguenot Heartland: Montauban and Southern French Calvinism during the Wars of Religion by Philip Conner. (St. Andrews Studies inReformation History). Aldershot, Hampshire and Burlington, Vermont:Ashgate, 2002.


The Huguenots in America: A Refugee People in a New World Society by Jon Butler, 1984.

Index to The Huguenot (periodical published by the society including history and
genealogies). Note that most volumes are available for sale.

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Huguenot and French Genealogy Resources.

Cyndi's List

Family Search (LDS)

Geneanet: Find Your French Ancestors

Family Researcher. A good place for beginners to start.

Genealogy Forum Huguenot Resource Center

Huguenot Ring

The Effects of the Huguenot Diaspora in the American Revolution
The Huguenot Web Site

Huguenots in Virginia

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild

The National Huguenot Society

Ludington, Daniel. The Migration to Manakin Town.

Olive Tree Genealogy Huguenot Refugees

List of Qualified Huguenot Ancestors [emigration
places not given]

Virginia Resources

Powhatan County, Virginia Links: Virginia GenWeb.
Includes the Register Containing the Baptisms made in the Church of the
French Refugees at Mannikintown in Virginia, in the Parish of King
William. In the Year of our Lord, 1721, the 25th March. -- Done by James
Soblet, Clerk.

Henrico County, Richmond City Virginia GenWeb

Goochland County. Virginia GenWeb

Other State Huguenot Societies

Huguenot Society of South Carolina

Huguenot Society of Georgia

Virginia Huguenot Family Sites

An Agee Site
Facebook: Agee Family Organization

Bondurant Family Association

Pierre Chastain Family Association.

The Descendants of Michel DesLoges

The Fontaine-Maury Society

Martin Family: Huguenot Emigrants on the James River

The Michaux-St. James foundation

Prevatt(e) Historical Society Page

Sublett Family History

A Trabue family history

Other Related On-line Resources

The Little Night-Cap: A Story of the French Huguenots
The story of the rescue of Susannah Rochette (Michaux), by Rev. W. D. Morton

Huguenot Cross Jewelry
Quality jewelry created by Chuck Norton.

The Census Book, A Genealogist's Guide to Federal Census Facts,
Schedules and Indexes. William Dollarhide.

History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy

Ultimate Genealogy Guide

Best DNA Testing and Ancestry Web Sites


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