The Tennessee Branch is the state organization of the Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manakin in the Colony of Virginia and is composed of four chapters. 

Captain Nicolas Martiau Chapter -- West Tennessee

Jean Pierre Bondurant Chapter -- Middle Tennessee

John Sevier Chapter - East Tennessee

William Witt Chapter -- East Tennessee

We welcome prospective members and are ready to assist prospects with their genealogy and applications. Searching for your Huguenot ancestors is a fulfilling effort and membership a pride, but the lasting result is knowing that you descend from a courageous and dedicated French Huguenot.

For inquiry or assistance in joining our society please contact:
Martha Cummings at cummingm@comcast.net

State officers for 2019-2021

President                                                          Carolyn Beyer Marvil

1st Vice President                                            Carla Ann Riley

2nd Vice-President                                           Joe Duncan Ing III

Chaplain                                                           Dr. Gibson Elizabeth(Beth) McKay

Recording/Corresponding  Secretary              Wanda Taylor

Treasurer                                                           Randall Hall Chandler, Sr.

Registrar                                                           Martha Fuquay Cummings

Historian                                                            William Bell Hickerson Jr.

Librarian/Media                                                 Diana Brock West

Flag Custodian                                                  Coplin Wendell Curtis

Parliamentarian                                                 Aline Gray Roberts

Advisors                                                            Aline Roberts, Olivia Bates Chandler


981 Huguenot Trail
Midlothian, Virginia 23113