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Select Virginia Huguenot Resources in the Library of Virginia
[not in the Huguenot Library at Manakin]

Huguenot Research

Call Number: 37216
Author: Lipowicz, Rachel Baker, comp.
Title: Tombstone inscriptions from Manakin Episcopal Church Cemetery: Powhatan
County, Va.
Publication: Compiled in 2000.
Material: 6 leaves.
Summary: Tombstone inscriptions from Manakin Episcopal Church Cemetery,
Powhatan County, Virginia. Burial dates range from 1872 to 1999. Includes a general
description of the cemetery, its location along Huguenot Trail Road, and an
alphabetical list of surnames. Org./Arrangement Alphabetical by surname.
Format: Photocopies.
Subject - Corporate Manakin Episcopal Church (Powhatan County, Va.) Subject -
Topical Cemeteries -- Virginia -- Powhatan County.

Call Number: CS71.C6225 1995
Author: Dobbins, Anne White, 1928-
Title: Some descendants of Phillipe Claud : Huguenot immigrant to Virginia /
compiled by Anne White Dobbins.
Publication: Rockport, Tx. : the Author: , 1995.
Material: 30 [16] l. : ill. ; 28 cm. Gen. Note:
Appendix : Descendants of Joseph James Claud and Mary Lucy Person. Includes
Subject - Personal Claud family

Call Number: 32737
Author: Langford, James L.
Title: Porter family genealogical Note: s.
Publication: Compiled in 1986.
Material: 77 leaves. References: Described in: Hart, Lyndon H., III, comp. A Guide to
genealogical Note: s and charts in the Archives Branch, Virginia State Library.
Richmond : Virginia State Library, 1983.
Summary: Porter family and allied French Huguenot families of Manakin Town,
Goochland County, Virginia. Includes a map of Manakin Town.
Format: Photocopies and carbon copies. Subject - Personal Porter family. Subject -
TopicalHuguenots -- Virginia -- Goochland County.

Call Number: 28994
Author: Van Landingham, Marian A.
Title: Van Landingham family genealogical Note: s.
Publication: Compiled in 1976.

Material: 1 v. (31 leaves) References: Described in: Hart, Lyndon H., III, comp. A
Guide to genealogical Note: s and charts in the Archives Branch, Virginia State
Library. Richmond : Virginia State Library, 1983. Summary: This accession,
compiled by Marian A. Van Landingham, concerns the Van Landingham family of
Northumberland County, Virginia, descendants of Huguenot immigrant, Michael van
Landeghem [VanLandigam]. The family is traced to Georgia and then across the
southeast to Texas.
Format: Photocopies. Subject - Personal Van Landingham family.

Author: Eilers, Hazel Kraft.
Title: Amonett family genealogical Note: s. Other Title: Amonett coat-of-arms. At the
sign of the crest.
Publication: [Chicago: Lightner Pub. Co., 1961].
Material: 2 leaves. Summary: Photocopy of an article published in the December 1961
issue of HOBBIES - The Magazine for Collectors. EnTitle: d AMONETT Coat-of-
Arms, the article concerns the descendants of Jacob Amonett (ca. 1660-1725), a
French Huguenot refugee who settled in Henrico County, Virginia, in 1700. Other
surnames mentioned: Chastain and Morriset. Format: Photocopies.
Related Publication: Published article photocopied from: HOBBIES, Dec. 1961.
Subject - PersonalAmonett, Jacob, ca. 1660-1725, progenitor. Amonett family.
Chastain family. Morriset family.

Call Number: CS71.G78 1947
Author: Fox, Sallie Gwathmey (Gravatt) 1880-
Title: The Gravatt family of the Rappahannock Valley in Virginia, 1740-1946.
Descendants of Ellis Gravatt, Huguenot, by Sallie Gwathmey Gravatt Fox.
Publication: [Richmond? 1947]
Material: 62 p. illus. (coat of arms) 23 cm. Gen. Note: 150 copies printed, 1947. -
InFormation from the Author: . Constitution of the Association of the Descendants of
John Cherbury Gravatt of Caroline County, Virginia: p. 62.
Note: Introduction signed in manuscript: S. G. G. F.; dated August 31, 1946.
Additions and corrections in manuscript. Copy 2: Slight variations in manuscript
additions and corrections. Subject - Personal Gravatt family (Ellis Gravatt) Gravatt
family (John Cherbury Gravatt, 1789-1875) Broadus family.

Call Number: 33118
Author: Rivers, W. W. (William Walters)
Title: A partial genealogical history of the Huguenot branch of the Rivers-Jenkins
family, 1697-1937. Other Title: Rivers-Jenkins family genealogical
Publication: Compiled in 1937.
Material: 1 v. (44 leaves, bound)
Summary: Descendants of Robert Rivers (1703-1782) of Nottoway and Brunswick
Counties, Virginia and related family Jenkins of North Carolina.
Format: Photocopies.
Subject - Personal Rivers, Robert, 1703-1782, progenitor. Jenkins family. Rivers
family. Subject - TopicalHuguenots -- Virginia. Genre/Form Genealogies -- North
Carolina. Genealogies -- Virginia -- Brunswick County.Genealogies -- Virginia --
Nottoway County.
Call Number: CS71.D985 1931
Author: Grabowskii, Bessie Berry.
Title: The DuVal family of Virginia, 170l; descendants of Daniel DuVal, Huguenot,
and allied families, by Bessie Berry Grabowskii.
Publication: Richmond, Va., Press of the Dietz printing co., 1931. Material: 253 p.
front. (col. coat of arms) ports., facsim. 24 cm.
Gen. Note: Title: vignette (Du Val coat of arms) With Author: 's autograph. ALlied
families: Curtis, Southgate, Pendleton, Pilcher, Coulling, Randolph, Claiborne,
Christian, Adams, and others. "References: ": p. [11]-12. Note: Copy 2 lacks
autograph; copy 3: With autograph of D. S. Freeman.
Subject - Personal Duvall family

Call Number: CS71.M459 1911
Author: Mauzy, Richard, 1824-
Title: Genealogical record of the descendents of Henry Mauzy, a Huguenot
refugee,the andestor of the Mauzys of Virginia and other states, from 1685 to 1910,
and of the descendents of Jacob Kisling from 1760 to 1910, by Richard Mauzy.
Publication: Harrisonburg, Va., Press of the Daily news, 1911.
Material: 127 p. incl. front. (port.) 21 cm.
Note: On cover: The Mauzy & Kisling families.
Subject - Personal Mauzy family (Henry Mauzy, fl. 1685) Kisling family (Jacob
Kisling, 1760-1835)

Call Number: 20441

Author: Cairon, John, d. 1715/6.
Title: A catalogue of the parochial library at Manicanton, on James River, in her
majesties colony of Virginia, no. 53, 1710 Oct. 14. Material: 1 leaf.
Summary: A catalogue of the parochial library at Manicanton (Manakin), on James
River, in her majesties colony of Virginia, 14 October 1710, by John Cairon, minister
of the Huguenot community at Manakin, Henrico County (now Powhatan County),
Virginia. Cairon recorded a shelf list of books in the parochial library. It includes the
Author, Title, Publication place and date, and value of the books. Cairon
acknowledges receiving the books into his care, to preserve them 14 October 1710,
possibly when he became minister at the Huguenot Church. Cite As John Cairon. A
Catalogue of the Parochial Library at Manicanton, on James River, in Her Majesties
Colony of Virginia. No. 53, 14 October 1710. Accession 20441.
Personal papers collection. The Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia.
Format: Photostat (negative) Originals The original is owned by the Society for the
Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, London. Biog./Hist. Note: John Cairon
arrived at the Huguenot settlement at Manakin, Henrico County, Virginia, from
Lauvresses in Quercy, France, by way of Switzerland. He became minister of the
community's church about 1711 and served until his death. Cairon mentioned three
sons in his will. Cairon died by 6 February 1715/6 on which date his will, written 1
May 1715, was recorded in the Henrico County Will Book.
Subject - Topical Church libraries. -- Virginia -- Henrico County. Clergy. -- Virginia --
Henrico County. Huguenots -- Virginia -- Henrico County. Subject -Geographic
Henrico County (Va.) -- History -- Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775. Genre/Form Shelf
lists. Personal papers -- Virginia -- Henrico County. Series Personal papers
collection; 20441.
Call Number: 28262
Author: Clarke, A. B., comp.
Title: Martin family genealogical chart.
Material: 2 leaves.
References: Hart, Lyndon H., III, comp. A Guide to genealogical Note: s and charts in
the Archives Branch, Virginia State Library. Richmond : Virginia State Library, 1983.
Summary: Descendants of William Martin, a Huguenot from Chesterfield County,
Format: Photostats (negative and positive).
Subject - Personal Martin, William.Martin family. Genre/Form Genealogical tables.
Genealogies -- Virginia -- Chesterfield County.

Call Number: 27859
Author: Epling, Mary Bondurant.
Title: Jean Pierre Bondurant, M. D. : a huguenot and his family. Other Title:
Bondurant family genealogical
Material: 66 leaves.
References: Hart, Lyndon H. III, comp., A GUIDE TO GENEALOGICAL Note: S &
Summary: This accession, compiled by Mary Bondurant Epling, concerns seven
generations of the Bondurant family in Franklin and Powhatan counties, Virginia,
descending from Jean Pierre Bondurant (d. 1735). Includes an index, family charts,
and copies of deeds, marriage registers, and wills.
Format: Photocopies.
Subject - Personal Bondurant, John Pierre, d. 1735, progenitor. Bondurant family.
Subject -GeographicPowhatan County (Va.) -- Genealogy. Genre/Form Charts
(graphic documents)

Call Number: 27311
Author: Wagner, Henry.
Title: Duval family genealogical chart.
Material: 2 charts (4 leaves) and 1 original chart (1 leaf)
References: Described in: Hart, Lyndon H., III, comp. A Guide to genealogical Note:
s and charts in the Archives Branch, Virginia State Library. Richmond : Virginia State
Library, 1983.
Summary: Descendants of Justin (Jeuffin?) Duval of Rouen, France. This chart was
part of the Proceedings of the Huguenot Society of London, v. 9, p. 117.
Format: Scanned inkjet print.
Subject - Personal Duval family. Duval, Justin, progenitor. Subject - Topical
Huguenots -- England -- London. Genre/Form Genealogical tables -- England --
London. Genealogical tables -- France -- Rouen.

Call Number: 34690
Title: Mathenia family genealogical Note: s. Material: 5 leaves.
Summary: Ancestors and descendants of Daniel Mathenia (ca. 1638-1689), a French
Huguenot who settled in Surry and Stafford Counties, Virginia. Other surname
mentioned: Wentworth.
Format: Photocopies.
Subject - Personal Matheny family. Mathenia, Daniel, ca. 1638-1689, progenitor.
Wentworth family.
Huguenot Society FMCV - Huguenot Resources in the Library of Virginia[5/27/2019 2:55:10 PM]
Genre/Form Genealogies -- Virginia -- Stafford County.Genealogies -- Virginia --
Surry County. Series Genealogical Note: collection; 34690.

Call Number: 32204
Title: Young family genealogical
Material: 7 leaves. Summary: This accession discusses the French Huguenot ancestry
of Michael Cadet Young of Brunswick County, Virginia. He emigrated to Virginia in
1722 and translated the Cadet surname to the English form of Young, adopting both
surnames: Michael Cadet Young (ca. 1690-1768). Includes his descendants, who,
upon his death, dropped the surname Cadet and used only the surname Young.
Format: Photocopies. Related Related Title: : Young family genealogical chart
(accessions 27663 and 28929).

Subject - Personal Cadet, Francis, d. 1712. Young, Michael Cadet, ca. 1690-1768.
Cadet family. Young family. Genre/Form Genealogies -- France. Genealogies --
Virginia -- Brunswick County.

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