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President's Message


It is almost time for our National Assembly, and we are still amid a Pandemic!

My two years as your President has been the most Historic time in our lives. We have had to make many decisions for our Society and make them by Virtual meetings. We have been in the planning stage for our Assembly and after many discussions, we have decided to have another Virtual meeting from Memphis on June 4th & 5th.  I am extremely disappointed, and I know all of you are too.

Charlotte Christian and I have discussed our Assembly meetings and we have agreed to have it in Richmond and at the Headquarters next year in 2022.  That is also our 100-year anniversary and we plan to have a great program and agenda for everyone to celebrate our 100th anniversary together.

I want to tell you about the things we have done in the last several months.

Bruce Moseley, our Forestry manager has negotiated our timber contract and they have begun the timber cutting and are using our new Access road. Susan Brown, our Library assistant has continued to scan all our applications for safe keeping to the cloud on our computer system.  She also answers all the emails and phone calls and mail sent to our Headquarters and Library.  She mails out orders from the website and gets the money to the National Treasurer. She has organized all the books and the scrapbooks that are in the Library and has them listed on her computer.  The Huguenot Books that were re-printed have all been added to the Library and the extra editions are stored in our Huguenot room at the New Church. Susan is also the person that must meet the repair people that work on our building and grounds as well as the computer system and alarm system. She helps the National Librarian and Branch Registrar’s with looking up information for applications.  We appreciate all her hard work this last year during this unusual time.

Jack Apperson and Martha Cummings have continued to work on and admit new members to our Society.  Currently, we have approved 20 new members and 7 supplement papers. The Florida Branch continues to grow, and we hope to hear more from them at the Assembly.

I want to thank all the officers, advisors, and committee chairs for all their support during my administration. I have needed to ask for help from many during this time

and I do appreciate it so much!

Please continue to ask friends and relatives that have a qualifying ancestor to join our Society. Increasing the membership of the Society is always a priority!

Reminder to All Branches

Be sure to send all Branch Newsletters, Bulletins and Yearbooks to the National President


                                           “Their Nobility, Our Heritage”

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